On August 27th, 2015, Tronrud Engineering signed a contract with NOR-REG Systems for taking over all of its existing assets, Intellectual Property, Patents and Technology. Key personnel from NOR-REG Systems are being employed by Tronrud Engineering. By doing so, Tronrud Engineering aims to secure the services that are needed for machines delivered to the customers of NOR-REG - both in the past and the future.

 The strategy of Tronrud Engineering after the take-over is to build on some of the technology from NOR-REG Systems and become a reliable partner for the delivery of secondary packing machines. Tronrud Engineering will continue to provide services for both existing and new machines.

 Tronrud Engineering welcomes all the customers of NOR-REG to assist them with their future needs. For questions or requests on this press release, please contact us: http://www.tronrud.no/