While delivering an excellent product or a service to the Customer is vital for us, what we at Tronrud Engineering also aspire for is to give our customers an exceptional experience - both before and after having delivered a product or service.  And we feel that this is our key differentiator - that makes our customers come back to us time and again and also encourages them to refer us to others in the industry.  

Read about the experiences of some of our customers... 

"Due to their strong capabilities and historical high-quality deliveries, we recently selected TE as a key partner and supplier for the production of our proprietary additive manufacturing machines."
Kathrine Kværnæs Ryengen - Head of Norsk Titanium Equipment (NTiE)
"With good engineering competence and strong project support, we have selected TE as a strategic supplier. We want to provide customized automation equipment for several of our product groups and plants."
Peter Beus - Global Purchasing Manager Machinery & Equipment, Kongsberg Automotive
“TE have delivered special machines with excellent performance to Nammo for the last 20 years,
they are a trusted partner when seeking great solutions.”
Roger Kvernsveen - Process Engineer, Nammo
"Tronrud Engineering has shown world class engineering, follow up, execution, adaptation to international environment and superior quality through many years of service in their considerable deliveries to REC throughout a decade of close partnership. REC would not be where it is today if it was not for Tronrud Engineering!”
Are Gløersen, REC board member 2008-2009, REC Project Singapore Cell automation responsible 2007-2010, REC Equipment Development Program Manager 2010-2013.
"LabelEx 255B - No air dispensation. Easy installation. Small footprint. Good design.”
Jonny Larsen - Sales Enginer, Videojet Technologies Norway
"Weaving on the Thread Controller loom is very nice, almost like meditation, a synchronised ballet where all the movements complement each other."
Agnes Hauptli - Weaver from New Zealand