Flawless proof blanks require special handling. At Tronrud Engineering, our delivery program for mints ranges from blanking to packing of finished coins.

Proof Coin Production

All handling is based on our transport palette, which ensures proper handling to avoid scratches and dents. Tronrud Engineering AS can develop handling and production systems for all stages in your production, consisting of stand-alone units or units working together with special process machinery.

Edge Lettering

Edge lettering and serial numbering of coins after striking ensures the proof quality of the coin edge, and eliminates the problems connected to striking edge lettered blanks. The edge lettering process is immediately followed by the packing process.

IR 2070 makes this possible...


The rimming machine for blanks is suitable for medals and blanks in most materials and helps to rim the blank edges after the blanking, but before polishing. This ensures the right blank diameter and edge profile before coining. For fully automatic operation of the rimming machine, we have developed the RI2050 system, which consist of a robot (CRS), operating with our standard TP2050 palette system.



The stacking machine for coin rolls facilitates the coin rolls being wrapped in plastic and stacked in various patterns. The strapping machine which straps the stacks is an integrated part of the machine. This is a very effective and flexible solution for circulation coins.

Weight Control and Palletizing

Through our automatic control and stacking system, the strapped stacks of coin rolls or other objects are weighed and stacked in patterns onto pallets. The maximum weight of each object is 15kg. The normal speed is four objects per minute. This is the ultimate system for stacking onto pallets.

 Annealing and Polishing

Blanks are carefully picked from the palette prior to annealing and placed back into the palette after annealing. This automation unit also provides automatic handling in and out of a polishing machine, as well as during the polishing process.


We have developed an automatic handling system that enables the unloading of blanks directly from the blanking press to our TP2050 palette. This handling system helps to avoid bulk storage and scratches and a high-quality handling right from the start.

Proof and Circulation of Coins

After the blanks are handled on the TP2050 palette, the KA2050 very carefully weighs and sorts proof blanks automatically. Blanks that are off the tolerance limits are rejected, whereas accepted blanks return to the TP2050 palette.

TP 2050

The TP2050 is our key to automation and handling of flawless blanks intended for high-quality coins and medals. The system is specially designed for the production of proof blanks, and is equally suitable for both small and large series. It is flexible, requiring only short adjustment times in the machines for the various dimensions. The handling system is designed for automatic loading and unloading of blanks from Solo furnaces. The palette is common for all our machines: R2050, RI2050, IO2050, UO2050, IP2040, KA2050 and US1540.


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