The TC2 is a sampling or a prototyping loom that gives the creator complete freedom to experiment.

TC2 Loom

TC2 samPling Loom gives the creator complete freedom to experiment!

With a TC2 you can create designs which normally require a Jacquard loom. In shaftweaves: change the number of  shafts, threadings and weave structures instantly. The ThreadController is every weavers dream!


The Thread Controller is modular, and therefore easy to configure and reconfigure. New and optimized production methods as well as detailed control and testing have made the Thread Controller a flexible and dynamic design tool, ideal for rapid prototyping.

Direct control of every single warp end, through advanced technology results in:

  • Handling of complex weave designs
  • Only when reconfiguring the modules, will rethreading be necessary
  • Automatic programmable warp advancing / tension control
  • Variable warp density
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Increased weaving speed

The loom comes in three sizes, which we call 2W, 3W and 4W looms. On a 2W loom, you can weave fabrics of upto 28''; on a 3W loom, you can weave fabrics upto 43'' in width; and the fabric widths can be upto 56'' on a 4W loom. Once you decide on the loom size (based on the fabric widths you want to weave), the next step is to choose the number of modules that you want to have. Consider the TC2 loom as a bookshelf and the modules as books that can be arranged and rearranged inside the loom. Now, each of the module enables a fabric width of 14.5'' and a fabric density of 15 epi (ends over inch). The more number of modules you have, more are the possibilities to play with fabric densities and fabric widths! 

 The development of a thread controller was started in 1990 by Tronrud Engineering AS. Tronrud Engineering is specialized in development, design and construction of special machinery within the industrial automation area. 

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