The Wax Applicator Machine coats plants with wax - ensuring the plants are protected when they are most vulnerable.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution to insect Control


  1. Feeding

The machine enables the manual feeding of seedlings. It can work from 2-4 persons with application of seedlings

  1. Gripping System

The machine has 2 axes with 20 grippers on each axis. These move the plants from the feed belt to thewax container and further to the cooling channel

  1. Wax Container

The machine has a wax container with melted wax for waxing of seedlings. The machine is designed for waxing the length of seedlings i.e 150 mm.

  1. Cooling Channel

The machine is equipped with a cooling unit and a cooling channel to air cool the seedlings after waxing. It can be delivered with a straight channel or 90 ° on customer request.

The Wax Applicator Machine coats seedlings with wax, a natural product, which does not harm the environment. Through our product, we help you comply with latest environmental laws & regulations.  

Protecting your Investments when most Vulnerable


  • Ensuring seedlings are protected when they are most vulnerable
  • The wax coated on the seedlings expands with the plant growth
  • Protects a wide variety of seedlings against Curculionidae (pine weevil)

Highly Intelligent Operators’ Panel

  • Adjust wax amount
  • Check status of plants during the process 

High throughput makes it an Economically Viable Solution