Tronrud Engineering has worked closely together with Deconx in taking the prototype from an idea to a mock-up and finally a finished product.

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Our team of engineers ensures diligence during all stages of the product development - from 3D designing, simulation, assembly, both mechanical and electrical, and finally the testing of the product, which we carry out along with Deconx International. We are flexible in changing design and correcting issues that may occur in development phases.

We currently manufacture the product in a series of 50 units here in Norway, by using different techniques such as machining, casting, 3D printing, sheetmetal-forming and vacuum-forming. For us, close cooperation with the customer is important, some of the parts are developed by us, while Deconx develops other parts of the product.   

Product Details - DECONX 

The Deconx DX1 technology is developed and produced in Norway. This method ensures a safe and environmentally friendly disinfection process using a technique that diffuses hydrogen peroxide.

Sensors inside the DX1 unit monitor the disinfection process and alert the operator in case of procedure deviations. The results of the process are documented and submitted to the chosen electronic addresses.

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