TE-Titan Suppressor

For those looking for a high-performance suppressor, the TE-Titan Suppressor fits the bill.

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TE-Titan Suppressor is designed to perform. 

The TE-Titan is 3D-printed with Grade 5 Titanium (TiAI6V4) in Tronruds own manufacturing building at Eggemoen. The suppressor has low weight and long durability.

The Suppressor has a unique internal structure that allows for the best possible compromise between weight, size, and damping. The material Titan is well suited for this product as it can withstand high heat, high load over a long period of time and the corrosive substances left by the powder gases in the suppressor.

Military Suppressor Technical Specifications: 

Caliber: We can supply all caliber from.223 to .375
Weight: 200 – 450 grams/ 7 – 15.8 oz
Length: 150 – 210 mm/ 5.9 to 8.2 inches
External diameter: 45 – 55 mm/ 1.7 to 2.1 inches
Sound reduction: 29 to 35 dB
Length in front of the barrel: Depends on configuration

Civil Suppressor Technical Specifications: 

Caliber: We can supply all caliber from .17 to .375
Weight: 200 – 250 grams/ 7 – 8.8 oz
Length: 211 mm/ 8.3 inches
External diameter: 42 mm/ 1.65 inches
Sound reduction: 32 dB
Length in front of the barrel: 110 mm



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