Automated end-of-line tortilla packaging

Tronrud Engineering’s Packaging Technology offers automated tortilla packaging solutions and has more than 20 years of experience in supplying case packers.

During the last 20 years we have installed more than 50 case packers worldwide. We offer a range of end-of-line solutions, the WP 3000 RC is specifically engineered for end-of-line tortilla packaging.

Why should you automate the tortilla packing line?  

The Tortilla industry is the fastest growing segment of the baking industry (TIA). As the industry is growing, the distribution of tortillas has changed at a rapid pace. The modern distribution of tortillas requires a high filling rate, which means utilizing high pallets. To secure a high filling rate and non-damaged products, the packaging requires cases with reinforced corners, which ensures no damage to products when stacking. The fast-growing industry utilizes high speed baking lines, hence, the end of line equipment essentially must be fast paced and allow for fast change over. A fully automatic and flexible case packer makes this possible. 

Why choose the WP 3000 RC?  

Wrap around cases or trays are designed to directly rise around the product so the product is wrapped more tightly than in traditional RCS cases. As a result, the packaging material is minimized, as well as there are many possibilities for shelf ready packaging.  

Tronrud Engineering offer a wraparound case packer for horizontal and vertical packaging.  

The WP 3000 RC is extremely flexible, it is compliable with 6-12” tortillas. The machine has automatic change over between formats, which saves time. The machine is also equipped with integrated product control, case weighers and open flap detection. The WP 3000 RC packs 80 products per minute and is equipped with an intuitive HMI (Human machine interfaces), which calls for easy operation. Tronrud Engineering also offer remote support, remote camera systems for remote assistance, and a wide range of options for our machines. 

The WP 3000 RC is a reliable and flexible end-of-line packaging machine that saves production time and costs.  

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