Tronrud Engineering member of CPC

Tronrud Engineering will as a member of Circular Packaging Cluster contribute to create a more circular and sustainable packaging environment.

Circular Packaging Cluster (CPC) is a merger between SmartPack 2030 business cluster, Forum for circular plastic packaging, major representatives for the wholesale and retail groups as well as players in Norwegian waste management. Tronrud Engineering is one of 45 members that will work towards the common goal – to create the world's most efficient and circular value chain for packaging. CPC aim to achieve this through collaboration and development between the members and partners in a transition to create circularity, develop market opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable development locally and globally. 

The cluster’s main goal is to increase the use of packaging materials from renewable sources, enhance material recycling according to national and European goals and double the market share for more locally produced packaging by 2030. 

We are proud to contribute to a more sustainable and circular value chain through the development of our packaging solutions. Read more about our packaging machines

We put ideas into practice.



Read more about CPC and the cluster projects.

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