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Our process

Putting ideas into practice

Tronrud Engineering was founded by Ola Tronrud in 1977 and has been at the forefront of advanced technology over the past four decades. Today there are 150 employees in its premises at Eggemoen and 50 in its subsidiary in Moss, south of Oslo.

Today’s CEO is Skule Edvard Smørgrav, carrying forward Tronrud Engineering’s legacy of being a pioneer in the sector of industrial automation. The company's motto has since 1977 been "putting ideas into practice". 

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All production in-house

The whole process from idea to finished product happens in-house at Eggemoen Technology Park. This contributes to great communication, collaboration, and control throughout all the steps. 


From idea to 3D CAD drawing

Our engineers take ideas and create innovative and great solutions. The solutions are presented by 3D CAD drawings. 


Brought to life in our production hall

The CAD drawings are handed over from the designers to the production- and machining operators. Here they are brought to life by welding, machining, and 3D printing.


Putting all parts together

The manufactured parts are assembled together in our assembly hall, well-equipped and spacious for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations.

Complete solution

Automated solution

What started off as an idea is now a complete automated solution, ready to be installed at the customer's site. 

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