A leading provider of automation solutions

With 200 employees headquartered in Norway, we genuinely work to create great machines and equipment. 

Our process

Putting ideas into practice

Tronrud Engineering is a family company started by Ola Tronrud in 1977. The company has been at the forefront of advanced technology over the past four decades. Today there are 150 employees in its premises at Eggemoen and 50 in its subsidiary in Moss, south of Oslo.

Today’s CEO is Olav Tronrud, firstborn son of founder Ola, carrying forward his father and Tronrud Engineering’s legacy of being a pioneer in the sector of industrial automation.

Olav Tronrud - CEO of Tronrud Engineering

All production in-house

The whole process from idea to finished product happens in-house at Eggemoen Technology park. This enables us to have full control of the manufacturing process and contributes to great communication and collaboration.


From idea to 3D CAD drawing

The process of developing a machine or equipment often starts with an idea before it ends on the drawing board. Constructors, mechanical- and software engineers work closely together with the manufactures to develop innovative and great solutions using 3D computer-assisted design. 


Professionally-qualified personnel takes the 3D design out to real life

The machine or equipment designs are taken out to real life in our environment-friendly halls, by means of welding, waterjet cutting, steel sheet work, and CNC-machining. 


3D printing machines used in the production phase

Several designs drawn at Tronrud Engineering are created by 3D printing technology, making the components more flexible, lightweight and stable. Our 3D printing machines have the ability to print both metal and plastic.


Putting all parts together, creating innovative machines and equipment

We perform both mechanical assembly and electrical installation. Our assembly hall is well-equipped and spacious for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations. 

Finished product

A complete machine or equipment

What started as an idea is now a complete machine or equipment.

Having all production in-house at Eggemoen is what drives us at Tronrud Engineering. It is who we are and the foundation of our motto:
putting ideas into practice. 

Latest News

Utvikling av verdens mest avanserte produksjonslinje for granater Special Machines & Development

Utvikling av verdens mest avanserte produksjonslinje for granater

Til enhver tid har vi 40 prosjekter gående. Et eksempel er byggingen av verdens mest avanserte produksjonslinje for granater, på vegne av Nammo Raufoss. Les mer i fagbladet MDV.

Ny mann i styringsgruppen smartPACK Packaging Technology

Ny mann i styringsgruppen smartPACK

I slutten av november gikk Erik Hjertaas fra Tronrud Engineering inn som nytt medlem i smartPACK.

Studentprosjekt 2016 Special Machines & Development

Studentprosjekt 2016

Prosjektet Robowash er et samarbeid mellom Tronrud Engineering og seks ingeniørstudenter fra HSN med mål om å utvikle en effektivisert vaskerobot.

The fastest packaging machine in record time Packaging Technology

The fastest packaging machine in record time

"Tronrud Engineering cuts engineering and assembly times in half for world’s fastest packaging machine." An article by Siemens.

Lofty prospects – thanks to a digital twin Packaging Technology

Lofty prospects – thanks to a digital twin

The packaging division in Siemens Magazine.

Studentprosjekt 2018 Special Machines & Development

Studentprosjekt 2018

Sjømat er Norges nest største eksportnæring, men melaninflekker i laks er en økende utfordring. Studentgruppen RoboTrim har skrevet bacheloroppgave i samarbeid med Tronrud Engineering for å finne en løsning.

Important insight into Additive Manufacturing Special Machines & Development

Important insight into Additive Manufacturing

TE's Additive Manufacturing-department attended FormNext in Frankfurt 13-16 November 2018.

Welcome to Tronrud Engineering

Welcome to Tronrud Engineering

With four main halls designed for storage, technical equipment, and production space in addition to office space, meeting rooms and entrance hall, Tronrud Engineering's manufacturing, research, and development building is worth seeing.

TE presenterer digitale løsninger på NTNU Ålesund Packaging Technology

TE presenterer digitale løsninger på NTNU Ålesund

Tirsdag 13.november ble seminaret «Ta i bruk fremtidens teknologi nå» holdt på NTNU i Ålesund. Tronrud Engineering var en av foredragsholderne.

Scanpack 2018 Packaging Technology

Scanpack 2018

The packaging technology division experienced great results after showing their latest packaging machines at Scanpack 2018.

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry visiting TE

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry visiting TE

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, visited Tronrud Engineering Tuesday the 30th of October and ended up being impressed.

Racing car built on 3D-printed parts from TE Special Machines & Development

Racing car built on 3D-printed parts from TE

A student organization from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has in one year built a racing car from scratch. Tronrud Engineering has printed 3D-parts.

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Our value system determines our company’s work culture and the way we engage with our customers, business partners, suppliers and the community. Our five values: respect, quality, responsibility, cooperation and courage stand at the core of our value structure. We believe that these basic values are fundamental for the long-term success of our organization and form the basis of how we pursue our organisational goals and how we work with CSR.

We hereby declare that Tronrud Engineering and its partners conscientiously:

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  • That we comply with the environmental requirements at any given time is set by default according to Norwegian law.

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