The Thread Controller 2 (TC2)

The Thread Controller 2 (TC2) is a Digital Jacquard loom manufactured by Tronrud Engineering, Dept. Digital Weaving Norway.

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The loom is a hand-operated electronic Jacquard loom. While the loom's operations are completely computer controlled, its hand-weaving feature allows the user to closely monitor every single pick and thus enabling endless possibilities to experiment and innovate with absolute efficiency. With the TC2, any changes with regard to weaving structures, designs, warp densities, and weft materials can be made instantly.

TC2 Technology:

- Simplifies the process of converting an idea into woven fabric

1. Scan/create a design on the computer
2. Edit in design program, for example Photoshop or any industrial Jacquard program in the market Ned Graphics, ArahWeave, Pointcarré, EAT, etc.
3. Open edited image in TC2 Loom Controller (the device driver)
4. Click to connect TC2 software to the loom
5. Start weaving!

A pixel is a thread - Once the image is scanned, TC2 maps every pixel of the image to individual threads

We launched the Thread Controller in 1995 and since then, we've had a long list of satisfied customers, many of them using the loom for R&D, product development, sampling, rapid prototyping, on-demand production, mass customization or simply just to weave anything and everything that fancies their imagination.

Dynamic design tool 

The TC2 is modular, and therefore easy to configure and reconfigure. The loom comes in three sizes, which we call 2W, 3W, and 4W loom. On a 2W loom, you can weave fabrics of up to 28''; on a 3W loom, you can weave fabrics up to 43'' in width, and the fabric widths can be up to 56'' on a 4W loom. Once you decide on the loom size (based on the fabric widths you want to weave), the next step is to choose the number of modules that you want to have. Consider the TC2 loom as a bookshelf and the modules as books that can be arranged and rearranged inside the loom. Now, each of the modules enables a fabric width of 14.5'' and a fabric density of 15 epi (ends over inch). The more number of modules you have, more are the possibilities to play with fabric densities and fabric widths!

We are currently global market leaders in the segment of Digital Jacquard looms and have sold our looms to educational institutions, innovation labs of the high-end textiles' manufacturers, freelance artists and more recently, there’s been a hike in orders from Fabrication Labs/Makers Spaces from across the world!

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Vibeke Vestby

Vibeke Vestby

Sales Manager TC2 loom

+47 909 57 586

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