The Transparency Act

Tronrud Engineering’s efforts regarding due diligence in the Supply Chain.

As of July 1, 2022, the Transparency Act came into effect in Norway. The primary objective is to encourage businesses to uphold fundamental human rights and ensure decent working conditions within their business relationships and supply chains. A significant aspect of this law is to ensure public access to information regarding these matters and how companies address them.

Alongside other measures, the legal requirement is intended to contribute to Norway's efforts to meet and comply with UN Sustainable Development Goal number 8 on decent work and economic growth, as well as goal number 12 on responsible consumption and production. The essence of the law revolves around the obligation to conduct and report on due diligence assessments. These assessments require businesses to identify potential adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions associated with production and supply chains, implement improvement measures, monitor progress, and provide reports.

Tronrud Engineering’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Tronrud Engineering’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Tronrud Engineering requires all our direct suppliers to adhere to Tronrud Engineering’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines our expectations regarding human rights and other sustainability-related topics. By doing so, suppliers commit to adhering to internationally recognized standards concerning human rights, working conditions, the environment, and anti-corruption efforts. We diligently monitor our suppliers through evaluations and audits.

See Tronrud Engineering's Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Due Dilligence Assessments at Tronrud Engineering

Due Dilligence Assessments at Tronrud Engineering

Tronrud Engineering has developed its own policy on human and worker rights, which encompasses our work on human rights within our organization and supply chain. This policy is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and outlines our key principles for effectively managing the human and worker rights most relevant to our daily operations. In the policy, we describe how we intend to carry out due diligence assessments and work on improvement measures both within our own operations and in the supply chain. Furthermore, we outline our expectations for our suppliers and analyze the risk of deviations from the policy each year and develop a plan for further safeguarding human rights.

See Tronrud Engineering's Due Dilligence Assessments (PDF)

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