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We design, manufacture, and supply automated technical solutions in close cooperation with our customers. 



Since 1977, we have been working on putting ideas into practice. Skilled employees, a broad range of expertise and close cooperation with the customer have made it possible for us to develop valuable production solutions nationally and globally for over 40 years. 

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Wax Applicator Machine

Wood Processing

The wax applicator coats plant with wax and ensure that the plant is protected.

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Wood Processing

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General Automation

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Our tools

We use various tools to create the optimal technical solution. Here you will find a selection of what we use, including robots, indexing tables, vision camera systems and more.

Robot Systems

Robot Systems

Advanced robot systems from different providers contribute to flexibility and productivity.

3D printing

3D printing

Flexible, lightweight and cost-effective production method.

Indexing Table

Indexing Table

An indexing table increases the machine's flexibility and productivity.

Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Advanced cameras that solve complex production tasks.

Servo Systems

Servo Systems

Control systems with interpolation, motors with precise positioning and speed control.

Due to their strong capabilities and historical high-quality deliveries, we recently selected TE as a key partner and supplier for the production of our proprietary additive manufacturing machines.

Kathrine Kværnæs Ryengen - Head of Norsk Titanium Equipment

With good engineering competence and strong project support, we have selected TE as a strategic supplier. We want to provide customized automation equipment for several of our product groups and plants.

Peter Beus - Global Purchasing Manager Machinery & Equipment, Kongsberg Automotive

TE have delivered special machines with excellent performance to Nammo for the last 20 years, they are a trusted partner when seeking great solutions.

Roger Kvernsveen, Nammo

Several Engineers told us it was impossible. Then we met with Tronrud Engineering. They not only embraced the idea, they took it even further and made it into reality.

Ingrid Schjølberg, Sintef

Some of our customers

Fresnius Kabi
Kongsberg Automotive
Norsk Titanium

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Tommy Karlsson

General Manager

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Nils Elsrud

Nils Elsrud

Sales Manager

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