Disinfection solution




A solution collaboration between Tronrud Engineering and Decon-X

A high-tech and automated disinfection solution that eliminates 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses, and spores.
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Increased food safety

Tronrud Engineering Packaging Technology develops packaging machines with integrated disinfection solution in cooperation with Decon-X. The machines are designed specifically for the food industry to prevent bacteria, viruses and fungal spores in the machine and products.

This is done through an integrated nozzle that flushes out the disinfectant rail - without damaging the product or the environment.

The food industry today faces challenges as it comes to hygiene and new resistant microorganisms. Today, the industry is largely using manual methods to reduce this. Unfortunately, the methods can be harmful both to health and the environment. Therefore, an automated disinfection method will contribute to increased safety, both for the personnel and for the products.

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