The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry visiting TE

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, visited Tronrud Engineering Tuesday the 30th of October and ended up being impressed.

CEO Olav Tronrud and founder Ola Tronrud guided Røe Isaksen through different areas of Tronrud Engineering at Eggemoen, telling the story of the company, how Ola started on his own in 1977 and how we today create automation solutions for several different countries and industries. 

Røe Isaksen talked to several different people at Tronrud Engineering and got an insight into how we work in teams when putting ideas into practice. 

One of Røe Isaksen's biggest interests was to look at the use of digitalization and automation, and how the Norwegian Industry can work further on this: 

- The Norwegian Industry needs to focus on digitalization and automation, simply because it is our key to retaining jobs in Norway. Norway needs to be in front of advanced new technology, said Røe Isaksen. 

He ended up being impressed by how Tronrud Engineering works innovatively to achieve this goal:

- I only understand half of this, that's why I'm a politician, but I realize that this is very good.

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