The winner of Norway's Smartest Industrial Company 2019

- An honor to win, says CEO Steinsvik.

The yearly Industrial Conference was held on Tuesday, May 7, at Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo. As part of the conference, Norway's Smartest Industrial Company was to be elected. Together with Aarbakke and Moelven Industry, we were in the final.

Tronrud was nominated with the following text: 
Tronrud Engineering has for many years been a driving force for industrial innovation and machine building in Norway. The projects they have been involved in have been groundbreaking and forward-looking, at the same time as they have supported important industrial development. An example of this is the mobile phone production, solar cell production and now packaging machines for the food industry. The latter is a good example of Tronrud's innovative use of digitization, automation and 3D printing, which has resulted in the world's fastest packaging machine. This allows for international breakthroughs and resulted in an invitation to exhibit the machine at Siemens stand at the Hannover Messe in 2019.

The award ceremony was conducted by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, arranged by Siemens and Norsk Industri, the Norwegian industry association. 

 Representatives from the three companies who were in the final: Tronrud Engineering, Aarbakke and Moelven Industri. Photo: Norsk Industri

 Prime Minister Erna Solberg appoints Tronrud Engineering as winners. Photo: Norsk Indstri

Founder Ola Tronrud og Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Photo: Norsk Industri

Knut E. Sunde, who sits in the jury from the Norwegian industry association, is impressed by Tronrud's journey.
- From starting in the garage as a family-run company, the company is now at the forefront in several areas, including digitalization, says Sunde.

Anne Marit Panengstuen, CEO of Siemens Norway, says Tronrud symbolizes hope.
- Tronrud Engineering shows that it is possible to come a long way with a creative attitude and by investing in modern production methods. Tronrud is a brilliant example of a family-run Norwegian company that has come a long way in adopting new technology to optimize production, and which only sees opportunities and benefits of digitization, says Panengstuen.

Founder Ola Tronrud and CEO Svein Steinsvik Photo: Norsk Industri- It is our people that have made this possible. We have focused on technology and are constantly working to use the new opportunities. We are grateful for the award and consider it an honor, says Steinsvik.

- An honor to win, says Steinsvik. Photo: Norsk IndustriNorway's Smartest Industrial Company 2019

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