Welcome to Tronrud Engineering

With four main halls designed for storage, technical equipment, and production space in addition to office space, meeting rooms and entrance hall, Tronrud Engineering's manufacturing, research, and development building is worth seeing.

The facilities designed by Snohetta was finished in the period 2008-2010 with a total size of 10 000 m

Outside facilities of Tronrud Engineering. Photo: Snohetta

The facilities are located at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park which is centrally located in eastern Norway, 50 minutes from Gardermoen, Oslo. 

Eggemoen Aviation & Technology park. Photo: Frank Holm

Direct access to the European Route E16. Photo: Frank Holm

The total area of 10 000 m2 can be separated into two building: The 6000m2 manufacturing building and the 4000m2 research and development building.

The 6000m2 manufacturing building contains four main halls for storage and technical equipment in addition to office and production spaces. 

Steel warehouse.

The welding area.



 This 4000m2  research & development building contains an entrance hall, wardrobes, office space, and meeting rooms.  

Office spaces. Photo: Snohetta

Entrance hall. Photo: Snohetta

Meeting room. Photo: Snohetta

There are currently 150 people working at Tronrud Engineering, everyone being a part of putting ideas into practice. 

Photo: Frank Holm

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